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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review of Dj Chichi - Edm Commercial House Mix april 2014

Listening to the latest edm mix from dj chichi. Now that I have heard a few and I mean quite a few edm mixes. I feel I am able to rate them a little better. But of course you can be the judge.
Granted this mix is from April but it was just hot enough that I needed and felt obligated to review it. So keys get to the rating.

1. Creativity : 10

2. Mixing/Blending: 10

3. Rhythm: 10

4. Track Selection: 10

Overall Score: 40 perfect! 

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Review of Dj J-Bizzy - Bachata Mix #1 June 2014

Hey everyone here we have a bachata mix from Dj J-Bizzy. Posted on our fanpage for review. So just to let you know this is a must download. If your a bachatero and you have heard many mixes like me you already know what this is going to be. Another great addition to your collection. I danced to this all the way to the end. But I dance to all bachata so dont take my word for it. Listen to it and see what i am talking about. Well this has many tracks and i love the creativity in. The rhythm stayed on point but the track selection was rather predictable. What do you think of this mix? Well on to the rating.

1. Creativity: 8

2. Mixing/Blending: 10

3. Rhythm: 10

4. Track Selection: 8

Overall Score: 36 not bad !!

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Review of Dj Fuego - Salsa Mix July 2014

Well I dont know how to dance salsa. But I love the music. It tends to motivate you just the right way. Especially when its from my very cousin Dj Fuego. This mix is for the salsa lover that loves to dance it with a sexy woman or your own woman lol. This mix is smooth and full the great artists. Every track is carefully selected in a great order to keep the selection and the rhythm perfect. Well there really isnt much for me to say on this mix. But you know you need to download this and follow this dj. Well on to the rating.

1. Creativity: 10

2. Mixing/Blending: 10

3. Rhythm: 10

4. Track Selection: 10

Overall Score: 40 perfect...... I wouldnt expect anything less from lmp djs!! and my cuz. !!

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Review of Dj More9 - Hiphop R&B Blends Mix July 2014

Hey everyone how are you today? Here is a review on Dj more9. This is a great mix. I see allot of creativity with the blends. Also some great surprises for the R&B lover. So There isn't much I want to say on this mix other than you need to download this mix and listen to it. Show your love and support for the hard work put in by this dj and many others on my blog. On to the rating.

1. Creativity: 10

2. Mixing/Blending: 10

3. Rhythm: 10

4. Track Selection: 10

Perfect Score: 40 I would not expect anything less from a LMP Dj.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Review of Dj Azeone - Hip Hop Vs R&B & House Vol. 3

Hey everyone I'm back with another review. Yes you guessed it from Dj Azeone. Have you downloaded this yet. Well if you haven't its time you should. As this mix is a cross over between genres. A little of everything and more and more to listen to. I have reviewed this DJ before and you should definitely follow him for more mixes as he puts in work. And is always putting out new mixes for you and I. 

But really this mix is ready for fire!!

Now on to the rating: 

1.Creativity: 10

2.Mixing/Blending: 10 

3.Rhythm: 10 

New rating add on

4. Track Selection: 10

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Review of Dj JaySwag - EDM Jumpoff

Hey everyone im here reviewing the first ever edm mix. So since I dont know much about this genre as far as the artist. Im going by the sound and the mix. And I have heard a few so I can tell when there is some creativity and so follow the leader if you get what I am saying.

Ok so here we go with Dj JaySwag - EDM Jumpoff.

This mix is hot. I especially like the intro and the upbeat he keeps. This is the first time I review this dj. So make sure your giving me your feedback. I have to say this mix is on point. and full of party ready jams. So its time for you to listen to this and download. Show your support and follow me and the dj. Thanks for reading.



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Friday, June 27, 2014

Reveiw of DVJ Carter - Bachateame Mama 5 June 2014 LMP

Yes you guessed it another bachata review. This one is from DVJ Carter. This is a smooth romantic to wanna make you dance mix. Full of the newest hits and a few twists. Another great mix put together for the bachatero in you. Are you ready for this? Then you should follow/download and add to your playlist. Well on to my rating.

1. Creativity: 8
2. Rhythm: 10
3. Mixing/Blending: 10

Score: 28

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